What Japanese beetles like to eat

What Japanese beetles like to eat

The Japanese beetle may look beautiful on the outside with its shimmering green, coppery-brown colored body, but their beauty hides an insatiable appetite which can quickly destroy plant matter on your property.

For almost one hundred years, the Japanese beetle has been wreaking havoc on lawns and throughout landscapes across the eastern United States and has since migrated to western parts of the country as well.

The Japanese beetle spends most of its life as a soil grub. In the spring as the soil warms, Japanese beetle grubs migrate to the surface where they briefly feed on grass roots.

In late June and early July, adult beetles emerge and begin feeding on healthy leaves, quickly skeletonizing the foliage. The population is highest in July but may persist well into August.

The adult female beetle burrows into the soil laying up to 60 eggs. In late summer the eggs hatch into grubs. The grubs resume feeding on turf roots and this is when injury occurs on your lawn as the blades quickly fade and turn brown.

Wondering what kind of plants and trees the Japanese beetle likes to eat?

Some of their favorites include American linden, apple, apricot, cherry, peach and plum, beans, birch, crab apple, crape myrtle, grape vines, hibiscus, Japanese maple, Norway maple, pin oak, raspberry and roses to name a few.

While we’re not suggesting you eliminate these species from your landscape, you should be aware of their temptation for the Japanese beetle and inspect them often for any infestations.

Have you experienced a Japanese beetle infestation before and are looking for something to plant that’s resistant to their appetite? Here are a few that rarely entice the Japanese beetle.

They include ash, boxwood, burning bush, clematis, dogwood, fir, forsythia, hemlock, holly, lilac, magnolia, northern red oak, pine, redbud, red maple, spruce and yew.

If you believe you’re plants or trees are infected with the Japanese beetle, contact SavATree today as treatment options are available.