Aeration? Power raking? What does it all mean?

Aeration? Power raking? What does it all mean?

Colorado lawnSpring has finally arrived and it’s time to turn your attention to lawn care.

As temperatures begin to increase and the root systems of your lawn begin to reignite with energy for the growing season, it’s important you’re doing all you can to aid in this process of rebirth that happens each and every year.

While fertilizing is certainly a critical part of your lawn care ritual, many fail to realize the importance of aeration and raking. The reason for this? Neither are easily understood by DIY homeowners.

So, what does it mean to aerate your lawn?

Aeration is critical in the spring, since root growth tends to accelerate at this time of year. Turf also grows very quickly from April through June, so it makes sense to aerate since turf roots need oxygen and nutrients that aeration can facilitate.

By scheduling an aeration (the removal of tiny soil “plugs” from the lawn) you’re providing the best environment for your lawn to thrive.

Aeration helps to:

  • Control thatch
  • Improve soil structure by allowing it to breath
  • Creates growth pockets for new roots
  • And maximizes water and fertilizer absorption.

And while it might be tempting to remove the plugs after an aeration as they can be unsightly, it’s best to let them dry out and mulch them back into the lawn when mowing. Remember to notify your technician of any underground sprinkler heads before having your aeration completed.

Power Raking

Some companies will tell you that power raking your lawn is a necessity. While removing dead thatch is beneficial for your lawn to breathe, SavAtree recommends avoiding power raking. The reason being that in removing dead thatch, the machine is also ripping out healthy blades just beginning to grow.

Using a strong leaf rake is often enough to remove dead thatch while protecting the more delicate blades. Plus, it’s great exercise on a beautiful spring day!

Once you understand the logic and benefits behind aeration and raking, you’ll add them to your early spring lawn care maintenance from now on.

For questions or to schedule an aeration, contact SavAtree today!