5 safety tips for spring maintenance

5 safety tips for spring maintenance

The first day of spring is Wednesday, March 20.

With much of the country experiencing cooler temperatures and even record snowfall this season (even Las Vegas saw some of the powdery white stuff) it’s no surprise that spring fever has certainly infected many residents across the nation.

As we head into the spring of 2019, we’re often eager to get outside and get our hands dirty – cleaning up the untidiness the fall and winter was kind enough to leave for us. There’s picking up remnants of fallen tree leaves, raking out the grass, cleaning out the gutters and the list goes on and on.

But it’s that eagerness which often leads to unsafe practices while doing yardwork around the house. Here are five ways you and your family can stay safe when you head outside for early spring maintenance.

1. Make sure you protect your body   

Leaf blowers, lawn mowers and chain saws can be loud, therefore it’s imperative that you wear earplugs to prevent any hearing loss from the prolonged noise. Additionally, safety glasses and long pants and shirts will help protect your eyes and skin from flying rocks and debris. Speaking of skin, even on a cloudy day sunscreen is recommended to help protect you from harmful UV rays.

2. Practice proper ladder safety

How many times have you found yourself standing on the very top of a ladder to get to something out of reach, rather than simply move the ladder where you need to be? It’s a common occurrence and often leads to unexpected ER visits. Always make sure your ladder has a solid footing when trimming trees or cleaning gutters. It only takes one wrong move to spell disaster.

3. Be careful where you dig

DIY projects are more common than ever. From installing fences and decks, to new planting beds and garden areas, to planting new trees and shrubs. But before you break out your shovel or rented excavator, make sure you’ve contacted your utility companies first to avoid hitting gas or electrical lines which could prove deadly.

4. Know the equipment you’re using

Did you get a new lawn mower for Christmas? Maybe for your birthday your kids got you a new weed trimmer to replace your hand clippers? Before putting in the gas or attaching an extension cord, take the time to read the owner’s manual first. This will guarantee that you’re using the equipment as it was intended, thus avoiding any unexpected accidents.

5. Always be conscious of electricity

Never leave outside power equipment like weed trimmers, chain saws or even lawn mowers plugged in while you’re not attending them. Children are curious and often do not understand that what might look like a toy can cause serious bodily injury. Additionally, never use extension cords where the wires are exposed from age or damage. Dispose of it immediately or properly repair it with electrical tape.

Yardwork can be an enjoyable and fulfilling process come the spring. But it’s important to always remember that safety is as simple as ABC – Always Be Careful.

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