Is AI about to take over your yard?

Is AI about to take over your yard?

Taking care of your home’s landscape can be a tedious and exhausting task that rarely lessens during the heart of the season. And that season is long – typically stretching from early April until late-October.

We all work long hours, which often limits our time with family and friends when the weekend finally rolls around. What’s a home owner to do?

Enter the world of AI (artificial intelligence) for the solution. According to Techopedia, AI is, “the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans.” And what better place to put these machines to work then in your backyard – saving you time, energy and in the long run, money.

Here are just a few AI devices designed to take the work out of yard work.

Let’s face it – no one really enjoys mowing the lawn, especially in the heart of summer. But the Automower® has found the answer with its smart technology. By setting up boundary sensors similar to that of robotic vacuums, Automower can get the job done – freeing up time for you to enjoy the outdoors rather than caring for them. It can navigate lawns of any complexity, mows both day and night regardless of weather, is quiet, safe around pets and children and even has a built-in alarm to resist theft.

If you don’t like mowing the lawn, chances are you hate pulling weeds. Fear not, there’s a smart technology for that too! Called TertillTM this solar powered device lives in your garden and uses sensors to eliminate weeds daily. So how does Tertill know a plant from a weed? Well, weeds are short and plants are tall – it also comes with special collars to help protect smaller plants that could be mistaken for weeds.

DropletTM is a new kind of sprinkler system – a “smart” one. With the latest technology in robotics, connected services and cloud computing, it transforms vast amounts of data to intelligently determine how to best care for (and water) your plants. Because of its precise and frugal watering practices, Droplet says it can reduce your water consumption by up to 90%.

ADDED BONUS – how AI can help the pollinators too!
Everyone’s aware that the bee population has been in a steep decline of late. Is it possible that smart technology could actually give Mother Nature a helping hand – or wing? Walmart® has recently patented technology for small flying drones that would go from plant to plant, collecting pollen in its tiny bristles and then depositing them where needed. It’s both autonomous or could be manually controlled by humans on a computer.