How to pick and care for your live Christmas tree

How to pick and care for your live Christmas tree

While this time of a year is a good time for scheduling dormant pruning services, there isn’t much else to do to care for the trees on your property.

That is unless you’ve decided to purchase a live Christmas tree this year.

In 2017, 27.4 million Christmas trees were sold in the United States (compared with 21 million fake trees). So, where were all those 27.4 million Christmas trees purchased from?

  • 27% were chosen and cut from a tree farm
  • 26% were purchased from a chain store (Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.)
  • 19% were from a Retail lot
  • 15% were from a Nursery or Garden Center
  • 10% were from a Non-Profit Group (Boy Scouts, churches, etc.)
  • And the other 3% is unknown

As the holiday lighting and tree care experts, SavATree believes we have an obligation to help educate homeowners and businesses on the proper way to pick a live Christmas tree and how best to care for it once it’s in your home or office.

How to pick a Christmas tree:

  • Do a needle test on the tree before you buy it. Lightly tug on the branches to see if any needles fall to the ground. If the fallout is great, the tree probably has a short lifespan.
  • If possible, cut down your own tree (or buy one that is freshly cut). This will ensure the tree was not cut prematurely and will stay vibrant throughout the season.
  • Find a tree where the needles don’t easily break. This ensures the tree is hydrated and healthy.

How to care for a Christmas tree:

  • Allow your newly purchased tree to hang out in the garage for a day or two to help get it acclimated to indoor conditions and avoid shock.
  • If you purchased a pre-cut tree, saw about ¼” off the tree’s base before setting it in a stand. This will open the tree’s pores for better water absorption.
  • For watering, for every inch in diameter the tree’s trunk is, you’ll need a quart of water. Make sure your stand is large enough to accommodate the proper water amount.
  • Check the water level daily to make sure the tree doesn’t dry out. The tree is still living and will soak up more water than you might think.

The tree care experts at SavATree want to make your holidays are merry and bright. Follow these helpful tips above and your live Christmas tree will look beautiful all season long.