Bracing for the Storm

Bracing for the Storm

The rains of Hurricane Florence have already begun to reach the shores of the Carolinas and residents are seeking shelter and preparing for the arrival of the now category 2 hurricane. With winds that could reach 110 mph, storm surge of up to 13 feet and up to 40 inches of rainfall predicted, this storm has the potential to cause significant damage. All of these issues are compounded by the anticipated duration of the storm, which is likely to sit on top of the Carolinas for up to 36 hours.

In anticipation of the storm’s landfall, residents of the Carolinas have taken measures to protect their homes and businesses. However, another major concern in storms of this magnitude is the preparedness of trees. When winds are high and rain is heavy, trees that are weak or stressed can be quickly uprooted and broken branches can become projectiles that cause significant damage.

What you can do to protect your landscape

Our advice is to be proactive.

There is no such thing as a hurricane-resistant landscape, but damage can be minimized with proper care and timely maintenance. While this is best accomplished with the oversight and input of a certified arborist, there are steps that every homeowner can take, starting with identifying potentially dangerous elements.

When it comes to trees, it’s important to watch out for:

  • Trees with dense canopies
  • Dead or dying trees
  • Trees with codominant trunks
  • New plantings and young trees

If you have encountered trees such as this on your landscape, contact an arborist to help mitigate potential storm damage.

Regular pruning over the course of the tree’s life can create a sturdy, well-spaced framework of healthy branches with an open canopy that allows wind to flow freely through.

When the storm has passed, take some time to assess your landscape and don’t hesitate to reach out for a professional if you encounter trees that are broken or in precarious positions. A licensed professional will get the job done safely and efficiently.