Dormant Season Pruning

The Dormant Season is Almost Over! Now is the time to have your trees inspected and pruned. 

As we emerge from the dormant season things will change quickly. Before you know it, your landscape will be bursting with new growth!

Not surprisingly, many people pay less attention to their trees and landscape at the end of the winter and early spring when the branches are bare and there is no growth. However, this can be a great time to schedule a visit with your arborist.

Having your arborist on site during the dormant season allows them to get a clear view of your trees without leaves to obstruct their view. With this kind of access, your arborist can better assess structural issues and plan for pruning that will make them safer and more beautiful when the buds break.

There are many benefits to scheduling your pruning during the dormant season:

  • Open sightlines also allow arborists to spot areas that might have become diseased and plan for appropriate treatment
  • For certain areas, frozen ground also allows equipment access which may not be available in warmer weather
  • Less activity on your landscape means crews will be able to move more effectively and get the job done quickly
  • As opposed to pruning during the growing months, dormant pruning creates much less stress on the tree
  • For certain species of tree, pruning in the dormant season will greatly reduce the risk of spreading disease
  • Services performed at this time will have less of an impact on the landscape: No need to worry about damaging annuals and other flowering plants!

Your landscape will be springing to life before you know it so don’t miss out on this window of opportunity! Contact your arborist today to schedule an appointment and customize a plan that works for your landscape and your budget.