Tree House in Cottage Grove, MN

Trees can serve many purposes in our lives.  At Historic Hope Glen Farms in Cottage Grove, MN, trees serve as structural support and a focal point for one of the nicest tree houses in the country.  This 1,200 square foot, four level tree house was built around a 38″ diameter oak, and serves as a honeymoon suit for the weddings held at Hope Glen Farm.  When trees hold a very high value, they need special attention to ensure their health is maintained and to promote longevity.  As the tree house was being built, SavATree was involved in the building process in order to minimize the impact construction can have on trees.  Since then, we have been maintaining the tree’s health by the use of growth regulators, anti-fungal injections, systemic insect treatments, fertilization and some minimal pruning.

The pictures were taken while one of SavATree’s specialists was performing a systemic soil injection.  This helps protect the tree from common insects that could cause internal damage and potential die back.  Like most services we perform, this treatment is done preventively in order to ensure that these issues do not arise.   We are honored to be working with Historic Hope Glen Farm, and look forward to many more years of partnership in keeping their prized tree healthy and aesthetically appealing.


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