Beautiful Majestic White Oak in Stillwater Minnesota

Many of us in Minnesota woke up to an October snowstorm!  Although we are hardy when it comes to snow and cold, this is a bit too early in my opinion.  However, the kids seemed to love it at the bus stop this morning.  They had a good ol’ fashioned snowball fight…boys against girls of course!

The silver lining with winter is that it is an excellent time to prune your trees.  The insects and diseases that attack your trees are dormant, which means there is no risk of an infection or infestation.   In addition, this is a great time for our well trained climbers to perform a structural prune on the trees because the branch structure, or skeleton, is easily visible and not hidden by dense summer foliage.

The majestic white oak in the picture sites along the banks of the scenic St. Croix River in Stillwater, Minnesota