Tips on having the best Lawn in the Neighborhood

Homeowners, who strive to keep their lawn green all season long, know that it is quite the challenge especially during those hot summer months. There are many obstacles to overcome and having a watchful eye on the lawn with consistency is key.

Here are a few tips on how to have the best lawn in the neighborhood:

  • Water. Water. Watering is the most important aspect in keeping your lawn green. If the lawn falls into drought stress, you cannot fertilize it, and you can not treat for weeds.
  • Keeping the lawn at the perfect length is also very important. If you are constantly mowing the lawn too short (below 3 inches), the lawn will become stressed and in some cases simply die off. The ideal length is 3-4 inches.
  • Feed your lawn. Most manicured lawns do not have a natural fertilization cycle. This cycle is disrupted when the leaves that have fallen off the trees in the fall are removed from the lawn. Another reason is when the grass clippings are removed after the lawn is mowed. How is the grass supposed to function and grow when these natural nutrients are taken away? You need fertilizer as a replacement.
  • Choose a reputable lawn company that will always be there when you need them. SavATree or SavALawn stands by its reputation when it comes to excellent service, knowledgeable technicians, and state of the art products. Unlike other lawn companies, SavATree provides you with an Arborist who is always around to keep a watchful eye on your lawn.