Emerald ash borer detected in Newton, MA

This week while meeting with a client in Newton, MA, I detected emerald ash borer in a small ash tree at the front of her property. This pest has previously been detected in North Andover, Boston, and in the Berkshires. This wood boring insect is responsible for killing millions of ash trees in over 30 states over the past decade, and is slowly spreading in Massachusetts. Trees that are heavily infested will die within 3-5 years, but treatment options are available for unifested trees that one may wish to protect. The canopy of old ash trees has been limited by vascular diseases in the northeast, and this pest only compounds the troubles that ash trees face. Many properties have used green ash as a viable replacement to the common white ash, but all ash species are vulnerable to attack by this pest. Talk to your Arborist to discuss preventative treatment options.