ArborKelp®: a truly “green” product, from beginning to end

An important aspect of SavATree’s philosophy and approach to responsible tree, shrub, and lawn care is that we carefully consider the environmental impacts of all aspects of our business. Our standards are high.

So when sourcing the raw materials to use in our products, we make it our business to know the details about how and where those materials are harvested.

A perfect example of our scrutiny of the supply chain is our popular ArborKelp® soil treatment. ArborKelp® is SavATree’s exclusive biostimulant that helps plant roots absorb nutrients by improving soil structure and boosting the microbial activity in the soil, which is essential for plant growth and development.

The seaweed used in ArborKelp’s “special sauce” is Ascophyllum nodosum, a marine plant that grows only in the cold, clean North Atlantic Ocean. We purchase our kelp from a company that employs a careful, minimally-disruptive harvesting process that preserves a healthy habitat for the animals and other marine plants in and around the kelp beds. Our supplier gathers the kelp with tools that are gentle on the ecosystem and allow for quick regrowth. What’s more, they demonstrate their commitment to natural resource management by harvesting less than 25% of the allowed quota for the kelp, which has resulted in a seaweed stock more plentiful and healthy today than it was thirty years ago.

Certainly, ArborKelp® is an innovative, carefully-developed, and highly effective product that has proven itself to bring great benefits to a wide variety of plants and properties. We’re proud of it.

But we’re equally proud that in giving our customers healthy and beautiful greenscapes, we use only responsibly sourced and manufactured products that contribute to a healthy environment we can all enjoy now and into the future.