Grand Opening of Lasdon Conservatory

SavATree and the Lasdon Arboretum maintain a close relationship and share a passion for trees and caring for them properly. So it is no surprise that SavATree jumped at the opportunity to sponsor the Arboretum’s first conservatory exhibit, “The Rainforest: Tropical Treasures.” The Grand Opening for the conservatory took place on Wednesday evening and offered a wonderful tropical experience right in Westchester County, New York!

The brand new Rainforest Conservatory was absolutely gorgeous with its impressive and colorful diversity of plants. The maintained temperature and humidity system mimicked the Amazon to perfection.

This red carpet event also included special guests, such as Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino and Chris from “Animal Embassy,” who brought a handful of his rainforest ambassadors to greet the guests. We were serenaded by a folk band “Andes Manta”, from the tropical Andes of Ecuador.

SavATree and Lasdon Arboretum will long remain friends and we look forward to continuing to support the growth of this unique park.

SavATree arborists Stacey Parthemore and Redmond Tsao