SavATree Hosts a Booth at the Philly Flower Show

Tulips in full bloom in SavATree’s Booth #230 at the Philly Flower Show. Stop by to find out how to protect your tulips from deer!
Philly Flower Show

About the Philly Flower Show, from the founders:

The 2017 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show, ”Holland: Flowering the World,” celebrates the beauty and ingenuity of Dutch culture, from vivid flower fields to innovative eco-design. The show runs from March 11 to 19 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

No other country is as well known for its floral industry as the Netherlands, which fills the world with color. The Philadelphia Flower Show will transport guests to the rainbow landscapes of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils and the cut-flower and bulb markets that have shaped Dutch history. America’s premier floral and garden designers will celebrate facets of Holland’s culture throughout the 10 acres of exhibition halls at the Philadelphia Flower Show, which supports the transformative greening and beautification work of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

The Flower Show will also explore the innovation that has defined Holland’s approach to its unique landscape, from windmills – one of the earliest uses of natural energy – to 21st-century ecodomes and the Dutch Wave movement, which takes a natural and sustainable approach to landscape design. Leading designers from Holland, including Nico Wissing, Bart Hoes, Bart Bresser, and New Jersey-born Carrie Preston, will share their extraordinary floral and garden styles in major exhibits at the Flower Show.

“We are thrilled to have these stars of Dutch garden design working with our awardwinning Flower Show designers on the exhibits,” said Sam Lemheney, PHS Chief of Shows & Events. “This Flower Show will inspire guests with new ways of thinking about gardening in a changing world, and dazzle them with the colors and creativity of Holland’s floriculture.”

New in 2017
Bridges, windmills, canals and water gardens in a sea of 30,000 flowers — with 6,000 more blooms suspended in a giant floral canopy — will welcome visitors to the Flower Show. Guests will pass under a brick bridge inspired by the Amsterdam cityscape and adorned with Delft tile patterns, overflowing flower boxes and hanging baskets. The surrounding garden will be planted with cherry trees, sycamores, and drifts of floral color ranging from hot orange to soft pinks, reds, blues and purple accents. Mixed in with thousands of tulips will be hundreds of fritillaria, narcissus, anemones and other blooms.

New Flower Show attractions will include the World Market in the Convention Center’s Grand Hall. The World Market will feature a Dutch Shopping Village of imported and domestic specialties; opportunities to create a take-home bulb garden or crafted planter; the lively Designer’s Studio demos and real-time competitions; the PHS Pop Up Beer Garden; and free tastings at the Fine Wine & Good Spirits store.

The 2017 show will also introduce the Garden Spa, located on the Grand Concourse, where guests can opt for a variety of ways to relax, recharge and be pampered. Offerings will include massage, make-your-own essential oils or potpourri, and sips of wine and spirits.

A favorite family experience, Butterflies Live, returns to the Flower Show in 2017. The educational exhibit replicates a habitat of native plants where more than 1,000 butterflies of 20 exotic and American species interact with guests.

Expert advice continues to be found throughout the show: at the special displays of the plant societies, in the educational exhibits created by area universities and high schools, and at each exhibit where leading designers look forward to sharing their knowledge. Guests are also invited to bring gardening questions to the information booth at the Hamilton Horticourt, where novices compete with veterans for the coveted Philadelphia Flower Show blue ribbons.

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