How Does A Warm Winter Affect Your Lawn?

Lawn care

Warm winters can affect the condition of your lawn in spring.

Longer growing season

Warm winters prevent lawns from going completely dormant. As a result, you may see more green & growth much sooner than usual. Although this could mean more mowing, it is an excellent opportunity to clean up leaves & debris on your lawn in preparation for spring growth. Now is the time to feed your lawn in order to thicken the grass as it competes with weeds. This feeding will also strengthen your lawn as summer approaches.

Increased risk of disease

The downside to an early spring is that conditions are ripe for diseases requiring warm humid weather. Our Lawn Care specialists carefully examine grass plants to check for snow mold & leaf diseases. If you think you have an active disease on your property, please do not hesitate to call & we will come right out to review your lawn with you to determine the best solution.

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