19th Annual SavATree Seminar held at Chicago Botanic Garden

It felt like spring the day of the SavATree seminar, a rarity for February in Chicago. The auditorium was packed to hear program speakers Dr. Gary Watson, Dr. Fredric Miller, and Jordan Orwig. A major topic was focused on tree roots: getting root depth right during cultivation and planting, and what can be done when root problems have developed. Many participants were pleased to learn about the air spade and how this tool can be used to diagnose and ameliorate problems such as girdling roots. Preparing for climate change and its impact on pest management efforts was another provocative topic that was well received.

SavATree’s Chicago District Manager Stan Holat welcomes seminar attendees

Andrew Bunting, Asst Director of CBG, with speakers Dr. Fredric Miller and Dr. Gary Watson

The Opening Number is much anticipated seminar tradition! This year, the audience was treated to the SavATree bell choir.