Trees Need Care In Winter Too

Trees Need Care In Winter Too!

Why prune trees in winter?

Tree pruning not only improves the appearance of trees and reduces risk but also helps make trees healthier. Trimming trees can promote health by removing dead or dying branches that have previously been injured by disease, insects, mites, animals, storms or people.

Winter is an excellent time to have your trees inspected and pruned. Our certified arborists can clearly detect structural issues without the obstruction of leaves, making it easier to make pruning decisions. This also reduces damage to under story plants such as perennials and annuals. For certain areas, frozen ground also allow equipment access which may not be available in warmer weather.

Pruning in between growing seasons can be more beneficial as well because plants and trees are dormant in winter, which means fresh wounds will only be exposed for a very short length of time – just until the spring when new growth begins sealing new wounds.

And on the practical side, it is easy for a homeowner or property manager to be inundated with outdoor projects in the spring and summer, so why not reserve tree trimming for winter?

Additional Benefits

  • Prevent storm damage
  • Remove dead, broken or poorly structured branches
  • Provide clearance and air circulation to roots
  • Reduce wind resistance
  • Raise tree canopy by removing low limbs
  • Enhance views
  • Provide walkway and driveway clearance
  • Get a jump on spring

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