Fall Is A Great Time For Planting Trees & Shrubs!

In the gardening world, many think that fall is the end of the growing season.

In fact, it is quite the contrary!

Fall is an ideal season for planting trees, shrubs and other assorted plants. The key is encouraging good root growth. Planting trees and shrubs in fall enables the root systems to grow before the hot summer returns. Plants will be established before winter sets in, and they will get a head start over shrubs in the spring.

Little girl planting tree

Cooler, wetter weather is the perfect time for tree planting. With an increase in rainfall and cooler temperatures in the fall, trees require less watering. Stable air temperatures also promote rapid root development. Soils stay warm well after the air temperature cools, which also encourages root growth. During shoot dormancy, trees grow to establish roots in new locations before warm weather stimulates top growth. Because of this, trees are better equipped to handle heat and drought conditions as the seasons progress.

Planting trees

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