Drought Relief For Your Trees

drf-infographicRecover • Protect • Defend
After a difficult growing season, fall provides your landscape the opportunity to recover and defend against the harsh winter ahead. Your SavATree arborist will design a program to protect against storm damage, address structural issues and provide critical nutrients.

How can we help:
• Recover – Our exclusive sea kelp rich solutions are just what stressed trees and shrubs need. ArborKelp helps to establish strong, healthy roots while ArborHealth replenishes essential nutrients..
• Protect – ArborGuard, our exclusive natural polymer antidesiccant, helps plants such as azalea, boxwood and rhododendron to retain moisture during the winter season. It also helps prevent sunscald and windburn.
• Defend – Professional pruning, cabling and bracing minimizes storm damage and preserves the structure, shape and seasonal beauty of your trees.