Protect Against Deer Damage with DeerTech and SavATree

DeerTech, A SavATree Company, launches the next generation of ultrasound devices to deter deer browsing on landscape plantings. Called the 2020s, the new ultrasound units draw on over a decade of research, field evaluations, testing and the latest technological advancements.  Deer deterrence was improved by 64% over the previous devices to more effectively protect landscape plantings and keep them looking their best year round.

 The new proprietary devices feature these improvements:

  1. Less noticeable (40% reduction in size)
  2. Greater range of sound
  3. More energy efficient
  4. Unit programming capability on site
  5. Integrated sleep mode
  6. More effective (64% less deer browsing than older units)

“We are excited to offer our clients this improved technology which is less obtrusive in the landscape yet more powerful against deer damage. Our goal is to give clients the ability to plant a wide variety of flowers, shrubs and trees in the landscape and not have them destroyed by deer,” stated Sabrina Albrecht, DeerTech Program Assistant Director.

The devices are utilized as part of DeerTech’s patented Three-Circles of Protection program which has a unique value proposition for clients. The Three Circles are Sound, Treat, and Switch, which provides far more protection than any single device or treatment on the market.

Sound – units turn on when activated by motion, emitting ultrasonic frequencies above the human range of hearing. The sounds make deer feel unsafe, so they move on

Treat – odor and taste repellents further discourage browsing

Switch – prevents deer from adapting by changing sounds and repellents as needed

Ultrasonic NEW 2016 unit Tulips wpi v3