Tips for Recycling Your Christmas Tree

Tips for Recycling Your Christmas Tree

Now that the holiday season is over many are left with the question, what to do with my Christmas tree? The answer can be easy if the tree is artificial. However, if this is question about a living Christmas tree recycling might be the best option.

Here are 3 ways you can recycle your Christmas tree for when you’re ready to take them down…


  1. Find Your Local Recycling Center

Recycle Christmas Recycle Site

There are many places that have recycling services that will pick up your Christmas tree or provide drop-off locations. Your tree could be used by local organizations.

  1. Make Your Own Mulch

Christmas Tree Mulch

If you have access to a wood chipper, you can make your own garden mulch. First, use a saw to cut your tree into smaller pieces and then insert them into the chipper. The wood chips can be used for many instances, especially for good decoration around your plants.

  1. The trunk can be sawed into logs and burned in your fireplace

recycle tree to fireplace

Lastly, you can use your tree to keep you warm!