4 Benefits in Tree Pruning

4 Benefits in Tree Pruning

Tree pruning provides a variety of benefits to your trees and landscape:

    1. Health

Tree pruning services include the removal of diseased, broken, or dead branches on both mature and young trees for protection of property, landscape and the trees themselves. Tree care of this type can prevent disease-causing fungi from penetrating and infecting other areas of your tree. The reduction or removal of live branches is often necessary to improve tree structure.

    1. Appearance and Restoration

Pruning for appearance and restoration is essential for maximizing the beauty of formal plantings and to assist with landscape maintenance. In particular, we advocate aesthetic tree care for mature trees when the characteristic form of trees has deteriorated.


    1. Reducing Risk

Pruning can help protect against storm damage and the danger of falling limbs. This is particularly a concern for trees along pedestrian paths, driveways, and surrounding buildings. We also recommend pruning trees with low-hanging branches in certain areas to eliminate interference with pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Learn more about our storm damage prevention services.

    1. Visual Access

Increase your landscape’s value and enhance its beauty with vista pruning. Vista pruning creates visual access to lakes, valleys or other picturesque views, while maintaining privacy where desired.


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