Dry Grass Conditions For Labor Day Weekend

Dry Grass Conditions For Labor Day Weekend

This week, 90 degree temperatures are expected to deliver the warmest and driest conditions for summer. Even for many that have been “wet” this season, but are already seeing dry areas, expect more drying to occur.  As Labor Day weekend approached, USDA top soil moisture shortages continue to grow.

“Normally we would recommend renovation programs, including seeding and sodding to commence at this time with favorable temperatures and rainfall normal expected. However, unless your turf area looks like the damaged turf in the picture, it might be best not to stress your existing turf at this time. Furthermore, if you are relying on rainfall to get new turf established, consider your existing soil moisture levels and the ability to keep the turf moist over the next few weeks with expected high temperatures. This is likely to lead to more problems with seedling damping off issues. “

  • Frank S. Rossi, Ph.D.


Read the full article here at Cornell Turfgrass ShortCutt.

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