The Value Trees Have

Trees have value. A client may need to have a tree or trees appraised for a variety of reasons. There are consequently a variety of approaches to tree appraisal, depending on whether the appraisal relates to replacement of lost or damaged plant material, loss of income, change in market value of real property, compensation of trees too mature to be replaced in kind, or some combination of these.

Recently the Tree Care Industry Association published a primer on tree appraisal that I cowrote with my colleague and fellow Registered Consulting Arborist Andy Lueck. It can be found in the August 2015 issue of Tree Care Industry Magazine. It includes a briefing on tree appraisal methods as well as case studies in how the process may play out in practice.

We’re thankful to TCI and the American Society of Consulting Arborists for the opportunity to submit this article on appraisal.

Trees provide us with a variety of benefits, from aesthetics to energy use reduction to ecological function. If you have need for a tree appraisal, be sure to retain a qualified professional. Registered Consulting Arborists are experts in this area of practice.