Using Story Maps to tell a story about compliance during tree protection operations

We recently provided tree management during construction on a project. Our client was working for a general contractor. There was also a city arborist, an owner, and an architect, so a lot of parties involved.

The customary way that consulting arborists provide verification of compliance on a project is by a report. We did that. However, as the interested parties were distributed across time and space, we also thought it would be convenient for them if we provided photodocumentary evidence conveniently packaged. So, using ESRI ArcGIS Online, we created a story map web app.

The app contains pictures and descriptive information for the trees to be treated. The locations of the icons, tree numbers, pictures, and descriptions correspond to the locations, numbers, and specifications on the approved plans.

This approach allowed multiple parties of interest, distributed over space and time, to share the same information conveniently anywhere. The app will self-render based on the device (phone, tablet, desktop) and operating system. The app can be accessed here.

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