Tired of Grubs on Your Lawn?

Tired of Grubs on Your Lawn?

Grub worms can undermine even the best and healthiest of landscapes. As if grub worm damage and insect damage weren’t pest enough on their own, their presence can attract moles which can wreak havoc on your lawn. Let’s examine two types of bugs that typically cause the most damage to lawns: white grubs and chinch bugs.

White Grubs

These grubs are the most widespread and destructive pests in the Northeastern United States. They damage grass by chewing the roots. The only solution is often a professional grub management service.

Chinch Bugs

Also prevalent in the Northeast, these bugs use their piercing mouths that they use to suck sap and inject toxins into the crowns and stems of grass. They attack a variety of different grasses.

There are many things to consider. Cornell Turfgrass Short Cutt mentions the ideal timing for grub control in their article here. Contact a SavATree arborist today if we have questions or any issues with grub on your lawn. Click here or call 1-800-341-8733.