The LA River runs through it

The Los Angeles River is about to undergo a major change. A huge investment is being made to transform the river to enhance water quality, provide green infrastructure, and improve access and environmental equity by way of the Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration project.

Rendering from the USACE LA River Study

It is a massive, ambitious, and exciting project. Like Boston’s Big Dig it will be transformative. The LA River project will have a great ecological focus, making parts of the LA River look more like the banks of Boston’s Charles River than they do now.

Last week I was in LA and was fortunate to visit with Pauline Louie, LA River Ambassador for the LA River Urban Waters Partnership.

LA River Ambassador Pauline Louie – photo courtesy of HUD

Pauline shared with me many of the amazing projects going in the LA Partnership so we can take them back to Baltimore and inform our Urban Waters Partnership there.

Baltimore’s Patapsco River is not facing retrofits on any scale comparable to the LA River restoration project, but the scope of the project and its social and biophysical focus inspires me. We’ll monitor progress as that project proceeds and hope for more opportunities to visit.

The Consulting Group at SavATree provides project support to the US Forest Service Northern Research Station and the Baltimore Urban Waters Partnership.