Guerilla Gardening

Guerilla Gardening

Seed bombs, amalgamations of seed varieties and fertilizer rolled into a ball, were developed as an easy way to green up urban spaces, abandoned lots, brownfields and other areas which may be somewhat inaccessible or exist in a state of zoning oblivion. So-called “guerilla gardeners” will toss seed bombs into fenced-in or neglected lands quickly turning barren wasteland into productive, pollinator-attracting green space, without anyone nor probably caring.

“Seedles” a California company founded by Ei Ei Khin and Chris Burley are implementing seed bombs as a tool in the fight against the disappearance of pollinators. With a project they are calling “Grow the Rainbow”, Khin and Burley are attempting to use their brightly colored seed balls to grow over 1 billion pollinator-attracting wildflowers throughout urban spaces and into the country. Habitat loss and degradation along with decrease in quantity of preferred flowers, in addition to other possible factors, have contributed to to decline in pollinator, specifically bee, populations over the past decade.

Wildflower-seed-bombs Seed balls should be composed native wildflower species, which Seedles produces and creates them with regional adaptations. Seeds are mixed with organic compost and some non-toxic colored powders, which has no purpose except for fun. Bombs can be tossed wherever seeds can be sown, and with a little rain and sun they should take root and sprout.

Khin and Burley would like to see more people planting flowers, especially in areas which would otherwise be wasted space. Their concern is mostly fueled by the potential loss of agricultural products dependant on pollination and so they are partnering with local food companies who share similar concerns and goals to get the word out. They will give away seed bombs to raise awareness and underscore the connection between bees and food.

Seedles sells seed balls in packages of 20 for about $13. But if you are feeling crafty you can use this tutorial to try and make your own;, just be careful where and when you do your guerilla gardening!