Bamboo Boom?

Bamboo Boom?

It may feel like deja vu; new, promising plant species will sustainably replace inefficient species to reduce carbon emissions, maintain biodiversity and save the world! Okay that may be a bit hyperbolic but the gist is the same; new species, new crops, new product to drastically change a former environmentally unfriendly material into a green success…unfortunately, past attempts have shown us that no product is truly green.

There seems to be 2 ways these boom species turn out; 1) the plant enjoys a few years of popularity as the miracle savior then quietly fades into the background, as it did with Jatropha which was the sweetheart of the biofuel industry for a little while or 2) the species can actually become a huge success, but leave environmental devastation and destruction in its path, like palm oil. So it seems there is industrialization of plant cultivation and processing that is inherently green,  so why would the new species on the scene, bamboo, be any different?

A U.S. based company, EcoPlanet Bamboo is coming at the issue in a way very few private sector terms have attempted. EcoPlanet acquired certification of its operations from the Forest Stewardship Council within months of launching their venture and cultivating bamboo plantations. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international, nonprofit agency whose mission is to promote environmentally sound management of the world’s forests, while helping them remain socially beneficial and economically prosperous. And when a product has the FSC certification affixed, the world can be assured that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Additionally, the certification of this business validates and verifies EcoPlanet’s plantation contributions to combating climate change through the Verified Carbon Standard as well as additional benefits assured via gold level Climate, Community and Biodiversity certification.  For more information about the Forest Stewardship Council visit:

EcoPlanet’s early steps toward confirming their vision is not only sustainable but actually part of the fight against climate change is setting the bar very high for sustainability in the commercial bamboo business. The company is also highlighting reasons why bamboo should never be grown in other settings; bamboo is a tree-free, deforestation-free plant which can be cultivated with little energy input on degraded land, but if not managed properly it can get out of control and take over the niche of native species. If EcoPlanet is successful in its venture while maintaining stringent certification and conscientious capitalism, bamboo may actually break through the barrier and change the landscape for the green industry.

For more information on EcoPlanet Bamboo, their mission and operations visit: