Tree protection is a process, not an event

Yesterday I was on a client’s site doing a monthly tree protection inspection. That included making sure:
– Tree protection devices were in place and properly installed with no breaches;
– Tree protection signage was installed in English and Spanish on tree protection devices; and,
– No materials or equipment were stored inside tree protection zones.

Tree protection signage in English and Spanish provides for clear communication regarding tree protection zones.

I installed some new tree protection signs as construction is a disruptive process; equipment and earth get moved, fencing is replaced, new subs may come on the job that were not part of initial briefings, etc.

I am grateful for clients, specifications, and jurisdictions that require periodic monitoring of tree protection during the construction process. As tree protection is a process rather than an event, periodic monitoring increases the probability that desired outcomes will be realized by allowing of corrective action if needed.

Fairfax County, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, and Clark Construction requirements on this project provide for monthly inspection of tree protection measures throughout the construction process.