Caramoor Opens “The Garden of Sonic Delights” Tomorrow

Caramoor Opens “The Garden of Sonic Delights” Tomorrow

The Garden of Sonic Delights is opening tomorrow, June 7th 2014.   Click here to get your tickets.

In the Garden of Sonic Delights is a major exhibition of sound art woven into the fabric of Westchester County, NY. Centered at Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts, the exhibition spans six of the region’s most dynamic cultural institutions and features fifteen commissioned, site-specific artworks by some of the world’s most sought-after artists working in the medium of sound. Each artist has drawn inspiration from their chosen location, creating work that is mindful of the natural and human-made sounds and systems already present in the environment, while engaging each site’s unique characteristics, be they acoustic, historic, architectural, or aesthetic. Over the five-month duration of the exhibition, the artworks will be transformed in their context, in tandem with the passing of the day and the change in seasons, rewarding many return visits. In the Garden of Sonic Delights reveals the power of sound to galvanize our perceptions, encourage participation, elevate awareness, and foster reflection.

Since 1946 – when Walter and Lucie Rosen established Caramoor as a center for music and art – their home that was “built for music” has become an intrinsic part of our community; a place far removed from the frenetic quotidian, a haven where music, art and nature are cherished and shared.

The landscape is an essential component of the Arcadian experience found when visiting this grand estate. To pass through the wooded drive, traverse the Cedar Walk, or linger in the Sunken Garden – propelled by the love of music – is to allow oneself to become intoxicated by art in its myriad forms.

SavATree is proud to support Caramoor’s noble mission by being their tree service provider. It is our honor to be “Caramoor’s Arborist”.


Butterfly Garden – Comprised of plants chosen to encourage all stages of butterfly development, the Butterfly Garden is adjacent to the Italian Pavilion, a Brunnelleschi-inspired outdoor structure often used as a setting for special and private events.

Sunken Garden – A spot of quiet beauty encouraging peaceful contemplation. This garden is the setting for Guitar in the Garden concerts and the American Roots Music Festival, and a popular choice for wedding ceremonies.