Sustainable Structures

Sustainable Structures

Building with Bamboo 

In places where it grows locally or can be farmed responsibly bamboo is a sustainable, safe and malleable building material. Bamboo is used to make an amazing range of products, from books and musical instruments, flooring and paneling, furniture and surfboards and recently has made its way to the playground.  Incredibly fast growing and maturing, easily harvested, lightweight yet very strong, bamboo can be shaped and constructed in ways that traditional building materials cannot.  Its high strength to weight ratio makes it highly resilient and able to withstand forces of nature, or children, as it may be.  And maybe its most desirable quality, bamboo is a renewable, raw resource and if properly treated, processed and maintained its durability will last a lifetime.


Bamboo play structures  and sculptures are popping up all over the world, with the decline of the availability of traditional building materials and the cultural swing towards sustainability and renewable resources, the popularity of alternative construction products is on the rise.

In May 2012, a new and unique park opened on the waterfront of the inner harbor in Baltimore, Maryland.  Pierce’s Park features native plantings, natural play areas and original sculptures.


Tunnel of woven bamboo in Pierce’s Park.


The living tunnel from afar. Nestled in the bustling inner harbor, Pierce’s park is an oasis of natural beauty.










bamboo thailand

On the remote island, Koh Kood, Thailand a children’s activity and learning center constructed of bamboo was built as a part of the the Six Senses Soneva Kiri eco resort. Constructed in the shape of a manta ray, the canopy shelters an open interior filled with mini structures.

bamboo thailand 2

Beneath the manta ray shaped inspired roof, mini play and learning structures consist of a library, auditorium, art and music rooms, reading room, slide and suspended play areas all constructed of woven rattan and bamboo, with red gum floors.












children-center-bamboo-24h-archailands' hitecture-3.jpeg.650x0_q85_crop-smart

Constructed of locally sourced bamboo stalks of all sizes secured with bolts, nuts and natural fiber lashings, Thailand’s massive eco resort reduces its energy consumption with the bamboo structures use of natural daylight and air flow.




This recycled bamboo jungle gym in Taiwan was constructed with the help of schoolchildren and the local community. It is secured with natural rope and decorated with paper windmills made by the schoolchildren.