More to be done to make Baltimore’s urban waters fishable and swimmable by 2020

Yesterday the Waterfront Partnership and EcoCheck issued the Healthy Harbor Report Card for 2013.

While there are some signs of improvement, Baltimore’s streams, the Inner Harbor, and the Tidal Patapsco River all received failing grades. The overall grade for Baltimore’s waterways is an F. Of all sites sampled, two-thirds failed to meet the swimming standard a majority of the time. Only four sites, located closer to the Chesapeake Bay, met the swimming standard 100% of the time. There is still a high risk of becoming ill from water recreation in Baltimore Harbor and Baltimore streams.

You can read the full Healthy Harbor Report Card for 2013 here.

The Urban Waters Federal Partnership is active in Baltimore and looks forward to working with Healthy Harbor and other public and private initiatives and partners to help improve water quality in Baltimore.

The Consulting Group at SavATree provides project support to the US Forest Service Northern Research Station under the Baltimore Urban Waters Partnership.