Garden Gazing

Garden Gazing

Garden Conservancy Conquests


Helleborus x hybridus, ‘White Lady Spotted’

Established in 1989 by Frank Cabot, the Garden Conservancy partners with home gardeners, public and private organizations to provide technical, horticultural and management assistance to aid in promoting long term, sustainable and responsible landscape stewardship.  Over the years the Conservancy has collaborated with private gardens for the long-term historic and aesthetic preservation to eventually transition them for public visitation. In recognition of the incredible efforts towards developing and preserving gardens of distinction, many of which are now National Historic Landmarks or on the National Register of Historic Places, the Garden Conservancy received the Trustee’s Award for Organizational Excellence.  Additionally, the Conservancy has published a handbook describing how to take a garden public, and they offer educational programs and forums for members, horticulturists and landscape architects and professionals to keep abreast of novel techniques         and ideas for fine gardening, design and preservation.


Hyacinthus orientalis, ‘Blue Festival’

Exquisite Excursions

In 1995 the Garden Conservancy began its Open Days program which has granted the public access to some the country’s finest private gardens. More than 300 gardens opened their gates to thousands of visitors in 19 states in 2012. Touring some of the country’s superb gardens, which have been hand picked by an award winning organization known for its high standards and excellent taste is a phenomenal way to spend any day, but would be especially meaningful this mother’s day weekend. Share a sense-enlivening experience with mom this holiday by strolling amongst the blooms and learning from knowledgeable professionals on a gorgeous spring day.

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primrose, Primula woronowii