Tree Climbing Competition!

Tree Climbing Competition!

Protection is Primary

Climbing trees is all fun and games for kids, in fact, people respond to advertisements for tree climber position openings frequently
saying “Sure, I can climb trees, I spent my childhood climbing trees…”, this does not make them qualified to perform one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.  Professional arborists are highly trained in both the science-based care of trees as well as the skills to perform this care safely.  Safety is the number one priority when scaling 80 foot tall timber with saws and chainsaws in hand.  Tree crew arborists will be certified through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA – and possibly also through their state of residence, and each state will administer its own exams and requirements.  Continuing education is a regular requirement, SavATree conducts weekly meetings on ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) topics in which the entire staff is expected to attend and complete a quiz. The ISA also hosts nationwide educational events making the latest in arboriculture research, technology, and industry trends available to members and other industry professionals.

Contests of Competency

climber 4The best of the best of all these highly trained, brave professionals come together at the International Tree Climbing Competition (ITCC) and its regional chapter events to advocate awareness of the benefits of trees and promote arboricultural practices. The ITCC event series provides a safe environment for the education of arborists through competitive events in which contestants have the opportunity to;

  • demonstrate proficiency based on industry standards and safety in climbing judged by established criteria,
  • safely introduce new equipment and techniques to a judging panel consisting of industry experts,
  • endorse the use of industry safety standards and best practices in an effort to improve safety within the arborist community
  • foster interaction among all members of the arboricultural community including tree climbers, equipment manufacturers, trainers, business owners and researchers,
  • provide public education and exposure.

This year’s North American regional chapter competition already happened in Pasadena, CA but the World Championships are back in the US this summer!  Get to Milwaukee, WI on August 2nd and 3rd to see the world’s greatest climbers in action:

Or find an event near you to see the spectacular dexterity it takes to be a professional arborist, top climber: