Arbor Day Exploits!

Arbor Day Exploits!

Reservation Renovation

Under the care of the Andover Conservation Commission, The Mary French Reservation is part of the Essex County greenway with trails connecting to adjacent reservations and parks throughout the state.  Extensive wetlands bordering the Skug River boast a 1000 foot boardwalk where visitors can truly experience this ecosystem typical of New England.  The conservation land was dedicated in 2001 to the late Mary French, a 38 year resident of Andover who was know to be a great nature lover, committed steward and former selectman.

The map viewable through this link,, shows trails, natural features and improvements in the Mary French Reservation and bordering Jenks Quarry and Hammond Reservations.

glacial erraticMary French Boardwalk







The featured picture is the SavATree team from Middleton, MA celebrating Arbor Day at the Mary French Reservation in Andover MA, where they are hard at work today helping make the reservation a healthier and safer environment for wildlife, plants and visitors alike.  Today, in honor of our patron holiday, the tree crew has dedicated their time to taking down dead trees in danger of failing and implicating the boardwalk and users.