Winter Injury? Salt Damage? Both?

Winter Injury? Salt Damage? Both?

As winter drags closer to eventually ending are your trees looking a little worse for wear and tear?
Salt Damage, Planting Issues, Winter Injury and Normal Physiological Responses, can all look very similar to the untrained eye.

You can spend hours looking through search engines, and days figuring out what look alike ailment is causing your tree to look yellow. Winter is full of hazards for trees and shrubs and your SavATree Arborist can help you determine what happens over this last winter.
This picture shows a group of Pines that are displaying all of the above symptoms.

As well as an obvious one that the ” Untrained Eye ” will surely miss.

Can you determine which ones can be saved?

If you want information you can troll for hours through the usual E sources or you can find someone who has the knowledge and experience as a Certified Arborist to decipher your landscape puzzle.

SavATree Arborists are experts in preserving trees and can give you an expert plan that will save trees and your landscape investment.

Call your Arborist today to book you free after winter check up.

Hint: Planting depth can cause yellowing in White Pines.